Areas of focused healing


Society pushes us to grieve alone yet grief is not something to “fix” or “stop”. Grief is not a linear process. I believe that we must remove the expectation that loss means we need to “feel better” and “move on”.  Certainly, grief can amplify our already existing difficulties and make us feel isolated from those around us. While often painful, grief is also a process of honoring your loved one.


I hope to be able to help you integrate the reality of your loss into your life.  I believe that the relationship with your loved one can remain strong and can inform your living.

Systemic Oppression, Race, Trauma, Identity

As an immigrant and a member of the APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) community, I have felt the unique strain of acculturative stress, systemic injustice and feeling “othered”. The way we understand ourselves and our relationships is shaped by the context of our lives (e.g. oppression, what we are told we are and how we should behave in order to succeed in capitalism…). The current framework of “mental illness” tells us that we are the problem. You are not the problem.


I hope to be able to liberate your suffering by engaging your inherent worthiness and mobilizing and enhancing your access to communities and spaces that allow you to feel authentic and safe (rather than deficient, alone, wrong).


Human beings are social and meant to be in community with one another.  Unfortunately, society tells us that we  need to compete and rely on ourselves in order to “succeed” and find happiness. Relationships are central to healing. Relationships can lift some of our pain by allowing us to share what harms us.Relationships are safety, community, validation and love.  I believe that we are capable of finding healing within our relationships (with family, chosen and not, friendships, colleagues, members of a shared lived experience).


I want to help you feel more connected, safe, loved and seen in your relationships. I also hope to help you see, with more clarity, the relationships that take away from your healing and sense of safety.